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Do Not Do Project: Drugs in Diabetes and low eGFR

Welcome to the page supporting the project. This work is based upon NICE recommendations for things we should not be doing for patient safety or cost reasons. If you wish to learn more before downloading look here. More detail is here. A sample output is here.

Accessing the searches

The searches are designed to help you find patients quickly based on searches shared freely on SystmOne and processed using the spreadsheet supplied on this site. You can access the searches on SystmOne as follows:-

Join HNN South Leicester Group by:-

  • Set-up / Users and Policy / Organisational groups
  • Find Leicester City Pct (Trust Group)
  • Find HNN South leicester
  • Click Join Group
(This enables you to get access to the searches and the format for data output)

Run Search and Process output

  • Under Reporting / Clinical Reporting find 'HNN South Leicester' / 'DND' and the search set 'DiabetesDrugsandeGFR (5)'
  • Select all five searches in the set and run them
  • Once run select '5) T2DM & egfr under 46 & on sulf or metf' / Show Patients / Select Output /Pre-defined report output and select 'Do Not Do Diabetes Drugs & low EGR'
  • Select all results by clicking dotted Square
  • Then right click / Table / Open as CSV
  • Select all data in the sheet except the headers in row 1. Ctrl +C to copy
  • Open the Do Not Do Spreadsheet which has digitally signed macros 'DNDT2DrugseGFR.xlsm'
  • Paste values into sheet (Ctrl + V) after selecting cell A4
The possible patient medication changes appear on the right side with patient details on left (see sample output)

Download the tool

Here is the Do Not Do spreadsheet (which only supports SystmOne searches.)


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