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Saffron Group Vulnerable Household Project

Welcome to the page supporting the project. As a practice serving a deprived population we are only too aware that the context of someone's illness is a key factor affecting recovery and vulnerability. We like to think of ourselves as family doctors but too often we are unaware of these factors even in patients we think we know well. The irony is that often this data is available in other household members' records; we usually don't have time to hunt for it or its presence just passes us by. This is a lost opportunity for our patients.

About the project

At Saffron Group we decided to use our IT skills to bring this data together in a more useable form. This is our first attempt and we are making it available for others to use. The tool brings together a huge range of data from our clinical systems and presents it using the household (well, first line of address) as the unit of analysis. This means you can search for a huge range of possible combinations of diagnosis and vulnerability. You can view the whole household in one go which we are hoping will bring new insights to our practice, with patients as the beneficiaries. With the increased collaboration between health and social care this could become a powerful force for good. We have only just begun to explore its possibilities. We hope this can develop into a wider open source collaboration and would therefore welcome ideas and feedback. Please acknowledge us if you do any work based on this and if someone else decides to make money out of the idea or the system suppliers adopt it, remember where you saw it first. Sadly, as it is entirely voluntary we cannot provide support for the use of the tool. We hope you find it useful.

Download the tool

Here is the Vulnerable Household download (which only works in SystmOne... so far.) Our executables and Excel macros are digitally signed. If you wish to learn more before downloading look here. And the SystmOne Reports are here. (Save link as and import to S1)


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